Hot Mug: benefit or harm to health

Hot Mug: benefit or harm to health
 Advertising often enlightens man on the usefulness of certain items, counting on the credulity of the average consumer. One of the most popular products has become a hot mug that diligently slip gullible audience. Unfortunately, the benefits of this product is almost no, but can cause harm to the body is essential.

On the TV screen often glimpsed advertising, where gullible viewers talk about the benefits of a hot mug. The most important argument, which lead to the protection of the product is considered to be the speed of cooking, but in most advertising is not a word about the reasons for the usefulness of this wonderful dish. What, after all, is a hot mug?

If you believe the advertising, in the hot clubs consists of dried, shredded vegetables that when brewed just swell. It turns out that people in a short five minutes preparing a full-fledged, vitamin soup. Unfortunately, the reality is very different from advertising.

In the study of hot mug turns out that dried vegetables are present in this product at a very modest and rather scanty in numbers. The rest - it's chemicals, spices, dyes and fragrances that are clearly not do any good man. By the way, this dish can cause a severe allergic reaction, so that the use of such goodies to be extremely careful.

Why is it hot mug is advertised as a natural and healthy product? The fact that even small amounts of vegetables and enables manufacturers to write to say that the product consists of natural vegetables. Unfortunately, about the other components of this amazing food manufacturers delicately silent so as not to scare off potential customers.

The next time during the promotion of the next product do not rush to buy it, and just examine carefully packaging. Modern man often gets in a clever publicity stunt, which can lead to the most disastrous consequences. Be vigilant - and your health will not suffer either from a hot mug or other such useful products.

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