Healthy Eating in the office

Healthy Eating in the office
 To feel good about themselves during the working day, you need to eat right. On this depends the smooth functioning of all body systems. However, with a busy schedule to respect the no-brainer. Early ups, quick breakfast, no lunch, dinner and late dense lead to big problems with digestion.  

Prevent stomach problems much easier than cure gastritis, goiter and peptic ulcer disease. You need to do only one thing - correct and timely food. Try to build the mode of the day so that the body gets it needs nourishing food, vitamins and minerals for the normal functioning of all systems.

When possible, dine at home. Of course, the lucky ones whose work is close to the apartments, very little. Therefore bring homemade food with you to work. Place it in a convenient sealed containers. They do not pass the smell and prevent fluid spill. The buffet or dining room office preheat food in a microwave oven. If you do not want to eat from the container, just pass it on to the plate. They can ask the cook or bring.

If the place for a meal in the office do not, look for a cafe or restaurant with home cooking near work. Be sure to order the lunch first. Choose simple soups: beef soup, chicken soup with croutons. These dishes are hard to mess up, they can make even an inexperienced cook. Moreover, there are no large amounts of spices, that would not allow mask spoiled products. Discard the roast and salads with mayonnaise. Prefer food, steamed or stewed.

When wanted a snack at work, do not lean on the sweet and flour. Cakes and pastries are quite popular, especially in communities where the majority - women. Try to avoid these high-calorie foods. I wanted to have - take an apple or a pear, cheese or low-fat cheese hundred grams. Take snacks once or twice a day, no more. Hunger muffle green tea or mineral water without gas and with lemon.

Remember that early nutrition - the basis of a long healthy life. Do not neglect the simple rules of a balanced diet. Eat at least three times a day, do not eat after six. Do not abuse salty, fatty, high-calorie food. Then the body will respond with gratitude and will last a long time and without interruption.

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