Hazelnut: a useful composition and medicinal properties

Hazelnut: a useful composition and medicinal properties
 Hazelnut contains about 60 percent of digestible oil 20 percent protein, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, as well as a significant amount of useful minerals (K, Ca, Fe and Mg). Hazelnut useful in diet, in addition it helps to recover faster after a long illness. Regular consumption of nuts can help prevent and even cure some diseases.

The most obvious benefit of hazelnuts brings the cardiovascular system. This is due to the fact that the trace elements contained in the nut potassium and calcium increase the elasticity and strength of blood vessels, as well as a positive effect on the smooth muscles of the heart.

Of particular importance for the health of the cardiovascular system and are present in the hazelnut essential fatty acids. They prevent the development of atherosclerosis, stimulate blood circulation and maintain a healthy heart. In addition, the essential fatty acids effectively compete with various inflammatory processes and promote better nutrition tissues.

Due to the presence of iron, hazelnuts useful to use in case of anemia. Significant content of magnesium in the normal work of muscles, bone growth and tissue regeneration, supports the health of the nervous system and the reproductive, immune amplifies and regulates heart rate and blood pressure. And the presence of a nut vitamin E and protein contribute to the growth and development of muscles.

Hazelnut can be used as a cleaning agent to the whole body. It suppresses putrefactive processes in the intestine and the liver removes toxins. Since this nut contains very little carbohydrate, it can be eaten for people suffering from diabetes.

In recent years, anti-tumor properties were discovered hazelnut caused by the content of a particular anticancer agent paclitaxel. Therefore, regular consumption of hazelnuts is an excellent prevention of cancer.

Calorie hazelnut is very high, but a small amount of carbohydrates allow it to be successfully used in dietary nutrition. High energy value of this nut is achieved by fat and protein. However, contained in hazelnut oils are easily absorbed by the body. Of course, if you want to get rid of extra pounds abuse hazelnuts not worth it. Total 100 grams of hazelnuts provide the body a quarter of the daily requirement of calories.

Derived from the nuclei of hazelnut oil can be used externally. If it is mixed in equal proportions with egg white, had an excellent remedy for burns. A rubbing hazelnut oil into the scalp will help strengthen the hair.

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