Genetically modified foods: "pros" and "cons"

Genetically modified foods: "pros" and "cons"
 Scientists claim that genetic engineering - the future too for a rapidly growing population. After the plants have been genetically modified, can grow and reproduce with great success and infertile soils. This is true, but so far none of the students of these "mutants" can not respond to the impact of these products on the human body.

There are three big plus in the cultivation of vegetables. First, the most important - these plants are productivity, as steadfastly tolerate drought, invasion of parasites and various diseases. The second advantage is that they do not contain pesticides and other chemical components. Such plants are able to defend themselves against weeds and insects. And the third advantage is that today there are modified trees that can remove soil contamination from heavy metals.

Undoubtedly, all these properties are very important in today's modern world, but do not forget about the second side of it.

To date, every second citizen suffers an allergic reaction to a particular food. Use in food these "trendy" foods can cause acute attacks of allergies. How Come? For example, a person allergic to a fish and a genetically modified product if it contains genes, respectively, and this product arises allergy. Studies GMF still not completely done, and no one can guarantee that in 10-20 years, their use in food will not affect your health.

Modified plants also upset the balance of nature, which was formed millions of years. They have the ability to interbreed with simple plants (weeds no exception), so that the latter become resistant to herbicides and weed reproduction will be simply out of control. The same thing happens with insects, it is very difficult to find the means to effectively eliminate them.

Whatever it was, the person must decide whether to use such products in the food or not. The main thing that this choice was made due to the actual examination of the facts, and not based on speculation maloponimayuschih people. All GMF before to get to the shops, should be tested in scientific institutes and then labeled. But no matter how bleak it may sound, many exporters supplying the GMF with no markings.

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