Coca-Cola - a health hazard

Coca-Cola - a health hazard
 Coca-Cola is one of the most famous and favorite beverage in the world. Earlier in its composition contains extracts of coca leaves containing cocaine. Of course, in the future, to learn about the properties of cocaine, coca was removed, replace it with vanilla, clove oil and lemon essence. But no longer whether Coca-Cola to be harmful to health?

The exact formula of Coca-Cola is known only to its producer, but numerous laboratory studies can already tell a lot about its composition. The scientists naturally found therein a plurality of chemical compounds.

Sodium benzoate and carbon dioxide are used in the food industry for preserving sauces, beverages, canned meat and fish. In addition, sodium benzoate in combination with vitamin C forms a benzene - the strongest carcinogen that acts on the human body. Also, do not eat products containing sodium benzoate people who have a hypersensitivity to aspirin.

Phosphoric acid in addition to use in the production of carbonated water is also used in fertilizers. When used in large amounts it leaches calcium from the bones, broken teeth.

Aspartame - a synthetic sweetener, promotes the development of depression, as in the body depletes reserves of serotonin - the hormone of happiness. Furthermore, aspartame molecules remain in the mouth mucosa, causing a feeling of thirst. By the way, the most sugar in Coke contains a lot, about 6 teaspoons per cup. This is the daily norm for humans.

Thus, the excessive use of Coca-Cola affects almost the entire body. Depleted bone due to lack of calcium, Port teeth. Coke exacerbates diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and the excessive use of it may be the cause of their occurrence, even in healthy people. In addition, the stake - enough high-calorie drink, advancing on this indicator even beer.

Nevertheless, even the smartest hostess negative characteristics Coke can wrap their advantage. She can clean the sink and toilet can be used to clean silver and nickel silver, added as a stain remover when washing. In addition, from time to time to pamper yourself with this drink is still possible. Benefit from it, you did not get, but fun - for sure.

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