What are vitamins for the eyes

What are vitamins for the eyes
 Eyes - is not only a mirror of the soul, but also a very important organ with which we see and perceive the world around us. To our vision has always been good, it is necessary not only to do gymnastics for the eyes, but also to take appropriate vitamin complexes. From a lack of certain vitamins can develop a lot of diseases. On what vitamins are essential to our eyes, we discuss in this article.

On the shelves of pharmacies there are many vitamin complexes designed for visual health, but choose them is not so easy. There are some agents, without which it is impossible to normal functioning of the eye.

What vitamins are most important to our eyes? These are vitamins A, C, B vitamins, zinc and calcium. Without these substances, our vision can not function normally.

Vitamin A - is the key to the health of the retina. Vitamin A is found in animal products - egg yolks, liver, butter, and orange vegetables and fruits, especially apricots. Do not forget that an overabundance of vitamin A can negatively affect your liver, so take it in moderation.

B vitamins - is the health of nerve cells that connect the eye and brain. Riboflavin is necessary for the prevention of eye corneal dystrophy. Sources of riboflavin are vegetables, dairy products and mushrooms.

Vitamin C - is the key to the health of blood vessels. Found in large quantities in the wild rose, citrus and, of course, blueberries, which is very useful for the eyes. In the new potatoes and sauerkraut can also find a lot of this wonderful vitamin.

Vitamin E - an antioxidant that will slow down the aging of cells, and even speed up the removal of harmful substances from the body. Look for vitamin E in wheat germ and rye. Use of the vitamin and prevent tumor changes in the retina and the cornea.

Calcium - a necessary thing for the strengthening of eye tissues. Look for it in dairy products and green vegetables.

Zinc - a real salvation for those people who are predisposed to the disease cataract. Zinc prevents the pathological changes in the organs of vision. Zinc can be found in pumpkin, liver and brain, fish.

Lutein - a substance that accumulates in the retina of the eye and how to create a protective barrier against all kinds of disorders and diseases. Lutein in great quantity in peas, egg yolk, red peppers and spinach.

When selecting vitamins for eyes have a look, if all of these are included in the material. As a rule, you need vitamins can choose a doctor, so contact them for more detailed and qualified advice.

Health to you and your eyes!

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