Useful properties of kefir

Useful properties of kefir
 Kefir attributed to dairy products. To cook it in milk add special yeast, which contain lactic acid bacteria. In kefir occur two fermentation - lactic acid and alcohol. Therefore, it differs from the fermented "relatives".  

Kefir is a valuable source of protein of animal origin milk, lactose, milk fat, calcium and vitamin B2. On the content of fat and protein yogurt does not differ from the milk.

The product has a high nutritional value, moreover, it is easy to digest, so it is very useful for children and the elderly. Doctors recommend drinking kefir patients who have had severe disease.

Due to the high content of bacteria, kefir has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora. It is very useful for people with gastrointestinal disorders, such as such as reduced acidity. Moreover, the beverage enhances secretion of pancreatic juice in the intestine and increases the secretion in the stomach.

Organic fibers that are rich yogurt, stimulate the development in the gastrointestinal tract own microflora. Regular use of the product improves metabolism, increases appetite.

Also yogurt has useful immunostimulatory properties. He had a slight tonic effect, which has a positive effect on the nervous and cardio - vascular systems.

Acting on nitrogen metabolism, yogurt increases diuresis, stimulates the removal from the body of metabolic products, as well as phosphate, chloride, urea.

For bowel cleansing is recommended every night for a month before going to sleep, eat 10 tablespoons wheat bran, filled a glass of kefir. To increase the effect of the same procedure can be repeated in the morning - 30 minutes before meals.

Besides the usual yogurt, there are just as its variants. The most useful of these is considered biokefir, which is composed of bifidobacteria. It tones the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the risk of cancer. Biokefir also neutralizes the side effects of antibiotics.

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