The truth about fast food

The truth about fast food
 Everyone knows that it is harmful. But few people know why exactly. The great and terrible fast food - monster with a delicious filling. It is simply impossible to break away, and we again break this promise of more than a foot in this lovely restaurant, which serves as a gift for a great burger cold glass of lemonade.  

Why fast food is incredibly popular? The secret lies in the ingredients that are used most of the length cooking fast food. Hardly among them there is at least one natural and not identical to natural. Achievements of the chemical industry - that is what is required to fast food by their appearance. It is unlikely that fast food would be as popular without flavor enhancers.

The main danger is almost fastuda his deadly calories. Judge for yourself - the usual meal consists of salads, burgers, fries and a glass of iced lemonade. Think about it, this set contains 1600 calories! This daily calories for an adult leading a normal, familiar to us all, a sedentary lifestyle.

The excess calories converted into fat tissue. Standard fast-food-calorie lunch is three huge sandwiches with butter, a few slices of bacon and sausages with a big boot. It is unlikely that you will agree there is a food package on a daily basis.

Saturated animal fats, wherewith abundantly watered fast food, contribute to the emergence of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, which leads to hypertension and vascular occlusion. Trans fats, used by manufacturers of fast food to save raw materials, can cause cancer and heart disease.

In addition to the fast food fat is too much salt or sugar. The bank of soda contains about 7 tablespoons of sugar, and its daily rate for adult men, for example, only 6 spoons. For a woman, and child, this rule even less.

In fast food no vitamins or other nutrients. But excess fat, sugar, salt and "empty" carbohydrate. Fast food causes sharp emission of glucose into the blood, followed by a sharp drop in its level. Hunger after dinner fast food comes again just a couple of hours.

Doctors are sounding the alarm - constant consumption of fast food inevitably disrupt metabolism, in the most severe cases, irreversible. Experts openly say that fast food - a direct threat to the health of all humanity. Moreover, increasingly expressed the view that addiction to fast food causes a chemical dependence, similar to drug. Fans of fast food is extremely difficult to return to the home soups and dinner.

Think a few times before you cross the threshold of fast food places. Who knows how this will be delayed unbridled love for soda and fries.

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