Terms of useful Sun

Terms of useful Sun
 Sunbathing, you are improving blood circulation and the hormonal system. The sun helps the body produce vitamin D, and sometimes even helps to get rid of such diseases as psoriasis. But it can also be harmful if you do not take into account some of the rules when visiting the beach.
 Excessive exposure to the sun is able to accelerate the aging of the skin and affect the appearance of dark spots. Provoke sunburn and skin cancer. Sunburn is not recommended for everyone. If you have very fair skin and a natural blonde, if you have a lot of moles, especially large ones, your risk of getting damage from the sun increases manifold.

In order to reduce the risk, you should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Therefore, while on the beach, turns his back on his stomach every quarter of an hour. After an hour of exposure to the sun go away into the shadows. Thus you will save yourself from sunburn. Sunbathing lying down, place something under her head, she should be in a good condition. Not interested in reading and sleeping.

In the first few days of use sunscreen. Particularly for protecting the nose, shoulders and chest. They are often exposed to sunburn. Do not use petroleum jelly to protect and glycerol. They form small droplets on the skin, and the lenses were collected sunlight that, conversely, may cause burns. Apply the cream and the need to dip, as the sun's rays penetrate into the water column. Sunbathing better in the evening when the sun is less active.

Remember that taking drugs, which are composed of sulfonamides, you increase the sensitivity of the skin at times. Therefore, consult with your doctor about the possibility of sunburn or replacement drug. Sunbathing topless, you are five times increase the risk of skin cancer. This is due to direct sunlight on the nipples.

Drink more water. Since your body to the sun loses a lot of moisture. Do not sunbathe on an empty stomach or immediately after meals. Better to do it in an hour - a half after eating. Immediately before sunbathing helpful to eat a little salt and drink a cup of cold tea.

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