Tasty and healthy: Blackberry

Tasty and healthy: Blackberry
 Many people believe that all berries are rich in vitamins, and therefore all are equally useful. But when they are on their own experience convinced of the special properties of blackberries, then instantly transformed into ardent fans of this particular miracle berries. And not in vain. Blackberries are not only tasty, it can help to cope with many illnesses.

Blackberry - a representative of the forest berry in the world. In shape it resembles a raspberry, black only, and to taste it can not be compared with any other berry or fruit. And that's not all. Blackberry - a real storehouse of vitamins, as well as saving light for those who for many years suffered from various illnesses.

Blackberry is useful for weight loss and weight normalization. Take it from mousses, jams, compotes, cocktails. This berry is a low-fat, nutritious and rich in vitamins. It promotes the excretion of toxins.

Useful properties of blackberries evaluated in patients with diabetes. Of course, unless you can indulge in the summer there are sweet berries. Nobody ever really thought about it. But people with diabetes know what will sweet strawberry or cherry sugar. But blackberry diabetics can eat as much as necessary. It very little sugar.

If women have gynecological problems, here support blackberry very important. Especially it helps get rid of thrush, various fungal diseases, inflammations. Brewed from the leaves of blackberry broth (2 tbsp. Spoon of leaves, pour a glass of boiling water and cool to body temperature), which then douche.

Those who experience persistent pain in the gastrointestinal tract, the useful properties of blackberries also come to the rescue. Brew blackberry tea and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and before eating during the day.

Given that blackberries ripen in a certain time of year, it is worth thinking about the preparations for the winter. That did the right thing, to dry or freeze miracle berries in season, you will see with the onset of cold weather. After the fall just easier simple, but to be treated - is problematic. Blackberry is able to banish cold, remove the heat. Give the patient crushed into a puree berries, and an hour later he feels better.

In addition, blackberry will spring to fill in the body the vitamins lost during the winter. Let's take it more often children. Yes, many people do not have to taste her tart sour taste, but even one berry positive impact on the growing child.

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