Proper Nutrition: Tips Tibetan medicine

Proper Nutrition: Tips Tibetan medicine
 According to Tibetan medicine, a person should not be regarded as a set of individual organs, and should see his integrity. Therefore, this study pays special attention to proper nutrition, which, together with the correct behavior is the basis for the prevention of diseases.  
 On the question of proper nutrition, doctors of Tibetan medicine is very fit individual. What kind of products for a given person should be included in the basic diet, but from what should be abandoned, they determined after detailed diagnosis and lifestyle, genetic predisposition and constitutional type. It should be noted that these types of this science distinguishes six - wind, bile, and phlegm (these pure types are rare), and mixed types of Bile-Wind, Phlegm-Wind and Phlegm-Bile.

However, with respect to proper nutrition, there are general guidelines. So, of great importance for a balanced diet plays a season. In winter, there is a lot of need, in the summer - the rate necessary to significantly cut back, and in spring and autumn should adhere to a moderate diet. In addition, in the winter and in rainy weather warms should give preference to food, in the summer and warm sunny autumn days - properties of the products can be neutral or cooling. As for the spring, in this period, it is desirable to use more dry and rough food than in other seasons.

According to Tibetan medicine is harmful not only to overeat, but also consume enough food, so you need to eat in moderation. Measure, as it is known, for each individual, but it must be based on the following rules. If the food is easy - you can eat your fill, if heavy - it can eat half as much light.

Once you have eaten half of your stomach should be filled with food, a quarter - liquid, and the second quarter - must be empty. In addition, we should not be taken for food as long as there is no certainty that the previous meal has been digested. You should not overlook the fact that it is impossible during one meal to combine incompatible products (such, for example, include a combination of meat and fish, pork and buckwheat porridge, milk and fruit).

Also worth consume enough fluids, taking into account its own constitution, age and lifestyle. However, be aware that it is impossible for a meal drink more than double the volume of food eaten. Cold beverages (including water) can not drink the food supplemented with animal fats.

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