Onion juice: composition, useful properties

Onion juice: composition, useful properties
 Children do not like onions, because it is bitter to the taste, and the tears flow when it is cut. Growing up, everyone understands that its composition and useful properties of onion occupies an important place among vegetable crops, besides helping in the treatment of many diseases.

It is difficult to list a huge amount of biologically active substances contained in onions. It is rich in protein and carotene, minerals and enzymes, essential oils and alkaloids. In addition, a lot of onions B vitamins, there are vitamins C and E, as well as PP and K, it has inulin and natural sugars. Availability in onions potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, cobalt, fluorine, iodine, amino acids, volatile and other minerals makes this culture to the forefront of products for everyone.

People learned about the beneficial properties of onion a few thousand years ago, and still use onion juice remains one of the most popular for the treatment of many diseases. With the help of onion juice improves bowel, it has a mild laxative effect, it is used when it is necessary to normalize blood sugar, clear mucus from the airways, increase appetite and eliminate toxins through the skin.

Volatile contained in onions, can destroy pathogens of serious diseases such as diphtheria, dysentery and tuberculosis. It is important to not only have a bow, but inhale its vapors and drink onion juice. He has expectorant, anti-flu, diuretic. Use it to remove the swelling, strengthen teeth and preserve vision.

Traditional medicine is widely enjoyed the beneficial properties of onion and onion juice. For example, if the earache, special drops can be prepared. Cut the onion in the cavity, there Stir in cumin, close the cut part and bake in the oven. Squeeze the juice from the hot bulb, and bury him in the ear twice a day. Relief will come the next day.
Bow for a long time used for cosmetic purposes. On the basis of onion juice prepared lotions for skin cleansing. Onion juice - a tool to help get rid of warts and corns.

Onion is the most powerful tool for strengthening the hair follicles, so be sure to add the onion juice in the hair mask.

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