Myths about nutrition

Myths about nutrition
 Myths and legends covered all around. They are not spared side and proper nutrition. This popular topic caused a lot of discussion and debate, which is still underway. Some believe that if people say, then it's true, but sometimes it turns out not in favor of health.
 Myth 1: Taking food, you should not be distracted or on television, or talking, then there is a saying, "When I eat, I'm deaf and dumb! "Completely true.

This stereotype can be called true, but only up to a "reverse". When a person is distracted, he chew food thoroughly, and it is usually very good for the stomach. If he is focused on food, and even somewhere to hurry, then swallows food, almost single piece, which subsequently leads to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Myth 2: Fresh vegetables - the most wholesome food.

Yes, no doubt, there is some truth, but only if these vegetables are grown you. If you buy them in the store, but in the spring or winter, and they look like on the cover, be sure - you get the products, stuffed with chemicals and dyes. With regard to the use of vegetables, there is need to look at each case individually - there are people whose bodies are simply not tolerate fiber. Also physicians demonstrated that use these products must be made before a meal, as they induce fermentation in the gut.

Myth 3. Need to drink only after or during a meal.

This is truly the most incorrect statement. Should drink half an hour before or after meals. Water drunk while eating or after, slows down digestion. An exception may be receiving dry food, but in this case the use of water should be kept to a minimum.

Myth 4. Do not eat after 6 pm.

This is the most common misconception. For example, if a person goes to bed quite late, he is hungry, and this is bad for the stomach. Doctors do not recommend eating three hours before bedtime.

Myth 5. Avoid drinking spicy food people affected by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Medical contrary is proved that the pepper, spicy foods contained in a beneficial effect on the body, because it kills harmful bacteria and stimulates the gallbladder and liver. But it should be around comply with the measure.

Myth 6. Eating fatty foods, you gain weight.

In fact, there are not to blame fat, and properly constructed diet. You can eat a carbohydrate food, but somehow continue to gain weight. The daily human diet should contain 65% carbohydrates, 25% fat, 15% protein.

Myth 7. Breakfast to eat yourself, share dinner with a friend, well, dinner - give the enemy.

These words of the great military leader Suvorov scattered doctors who claim that the ratio of meals should be something like this: tomorrow holds 35 percent of the daily diet, lunch - 45 percent, and dinner - 25 percent. So give the enemy dinner is not worth it.

Myth 8. Eat raw foods - they are good for your body.

Statement is true half. Some products are certainly useful, for example, carrots. But the eggplant and some fresh beans have not recommended, as they contain toxins that during thermal processing lose their power.

Myth 9. Drinking plenty of fluids, you stimulate the output of toxins from the body.

The number and rate of release of toxins does not depend on the drunk liquid. But, anyway, you should drink at least two liters of water a day - so you will improve kidney function.

Myth 10. Eaten apple is able to overcome appetite.

This statement is totally wrong, because apples only inflame the appetite. This category may include and oranges. But drinking a mug of green tea is able to overcome it.

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