Medicinal properties of cottage cheese

Medicinal properties of cottage cheese
 Cottage cheese is not in vain considered to be one of the most useful products. This coagulated milk protein, which is separated from the serum by heat treatment. As part of curd so many nutrients that its medicinal properties are invaluable.

Calcium and phosphorus, which are part of the cottage cheese, are involved in bone formation, so it is necessary to include it in the diet of children and pregnant women. In addition, it is helpful to eat with rickets. People suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular disease, have kidney disease, also need to eat cottage cheese because it contains casein - a milk protein with a high nutritional value.

The most valuable cheese is for the elderly and children, as it is easily absorbed by the body, besides it is very much essential vitamins. Amino acids contained in the curd, play an important role in the prevention of liver disease and protect against atherosclerosis. Since the curd contained as calcium and quality protein, it is desirable to use for people suffering from osteoporosis.

People with diseased liver is necessary to pay special attention to this product. Fresh cheese is recommended to use patients with hepatitis, those who have broken the process of removing bile. Treatment of liver cirrhosis, diseases of the pancreas is not without its inclusion in the diet of the patient cheese.

Low-fat cottage cheese is an indispensable product for patients with atherosclerosis and obesity. Substances in its composition, have the ability to normalize the metabolism of fat in the body.

Cottage cheese diet with zero fat content is very good to deal with diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is better to be acquired frayed cheese or cottage cheese, which has the consistency of sour cream. It is important that the acidity was not high.

For patients with gastritis or ulcer curd is also useful, but such people is better to eat fresh cheese, cook who is not difficult. To do this, boil half a liter of milk, and add half a liter of yogurt. Take a sieve and discard the resulting mixture. You can get the fresh cottage cheese mixed with sour cream.

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