I want tea: how to choose tea mood

I want tea: how to choose tea mood
 To choose the right tea, you need to know about how were processed tea leaves, because differences aroma, flavor and color are conditioned by this. On sale you can find all kinds of teas: red, black, white, green, puerh, oolong ... without a guide, and it is easy to get lost in the world of tea!

Taste and flavor will depend on how it is processed. The main difference is how long the tea leaves undergo a process of air oxidation, or fermentation. Fermentation of tea can be short, medium and long. Slightly fermented tea - white, yellow and green. Oolong tea and dark green are already fermented medium, and red and black teas - highly fermented. Fermentation - a procedure of processing the leaves, which includes processes such as drying, roasting and drying of leaves. Leaves slightly fried, they begin to produce juice and oxidized therein. In this manner, the fermentation period can be adjusted leaf tea.

The most popular in European countries teas are black teas. They were just due to the fact that much easier to transport fermented tea by the sea, at this time it does not spoil. Examples of good black teas: Darjeeling, Assam, and others. Choose black tea, if you have a melancholic mood or outside wet weather - it is a strong invigorating drink. In Russia, the popular tradition of drinking black tea with sugar and lemon, though connoisseurs say that the taste of tea so do not feel it. Putting sugar or not - you decide. In the cold season, you can replace sugar with honey.

Average fermented teas - is oolong and some green. The leaves of these teas twisted hands, and fry them in large pans of tea, stirring constantly. However, today often use a factory method in which tea leaves are twisted special devices - rollers and ovens to dry them. If green tea is folded into a special box and leave in the open air, then over time it turns red. Oolong tea has a bright milky and sweet flavor. Average fermented teas are more delicate than black, with a delicate taste.

White tea does not fry. It is only fermented leaf drying process. White tea is different varieties. Peony - the most popular among white teas - good to drink during the day and evening. Silver Needle - a special white tea, it is a very expensive and rare, drink it in exceptional cases. In white tea contains vitamins C and B1, they have on the body beneficial effects. In general, all poorly fermented teas are very useful. White teas are brewed with hot water, but its temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. They are characterized by delicate aroma and flavor, pale color.

A special kind of tea - Puer. It is this kind of tea is called black in China, and not one that is called black in Russia. This tea is strong fermentation takes place, then it is stored for some time at high humidity. So tea continues to ferment slightly podprevaya. Pu-erh are aging period, the wine, and since they only get better. These teas are very alert, much stronger than coffee. They speed up the metabolism, so often used for weight loss. This tea is very good for health. He has an interesting earthy flavor, which is also compared with the scent of wood. Pu-erh is best to drink in the morning to wake up and gain energy for the whole day.

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