Healthy food. Vegetarianism

Healthy food. Vegetarianism
 Each person independently decides on its own power supply. Many people prefer meat products and other refuse from them in favor of plant foods. Proponents of the latter believe that vegetarianism - the key to a healthy lifestyle. There are many areas of the power system with roots in the mid-19th century.

Proponents of vegetarianism believe that meat products, with absorption in the digestive tract cause putrid fermentation, which poisons the body. In addition, they believe that herbal products are much richer in vitamin content, volatile, minerals and organic compounds. These products help to prevent the appearance of atherosclerosis.

There are two types of vegetarianism. One of them is "mladovegetarianstvo" during which allowed to eat eggs, milk, butter. Another kind of "starovegetarianstvo" does not allow such diversity and limited use only plant foods.

It is known that the lack of protein slows the growth and human development. To meet the daily requirement of all necessary materials needed to eat so many plant foods that provide sufficient load on the digestive tract.

It is believed that vegetarianism is impossible to become overnight. Usually the complete abandonment of animal products people go for years and even decades. First, refuse to use the eggs, and then eliminate from the diet of dairy products and, in the last instance, the fish.

However, the deficiency in the protein can lead to iron deficiency, protein unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. The consequence can be a goiter, vitamin deficiencies, protein deficiency.

Every day the number of followers of the system power is increased. With the help of plant food cleanses the body, cleans, and normal acid-base balance.

Proponents of "raw food", a special kind of vegetarianism, which promotes the use vegetables and fruit in a very raw, believe that in this way the body is saturated with solar energy, able to cure many diseases.

Nevertheless, the idea of ​​"mladovegetarianstva" can only stick to healthy people, as opposed to the system "starovegetarianstva", which is allowed only on the conclusion of the doctor and for a short time.

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