Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation
 America is considered a country of fast food. Indeed, it is in the United States were first McDonald's and other eateries offering "fast food." However, now it is certain that the nation of fast food - it only America can not. In Russia, this food is firmly in the habit of stalls selling hamburgers and hot dogs are on every corner. And this is not a happy change. We surely becoming a country of fast food.

Snack potato fries or cheeseburger is very convenient. Sometimes you justify themselves by saying that cook or go to a cafe with good wholesome food once. But is it worth the time saved your health? It has long been proven that the calories that the body receives a portion of fast food, do not carry any good. But harmful fats - abound. And after a short period of time you want to eat again because the body does not get the right to work substances.

For fast food are not only products sold at McDonald's and similar institutions. Popular in the modern world puree and instant soups also have a detrimental effect on your health. You probably know that there is no chicken or beef in this soup is not. In fact, some manufacturers honestly written on the packaging "flavored pork" or "flavored chicken." The presence of meat are not talking. This means that you use a large number of flavors and taste substitutes.

In 2006, Richard Linklater directed the movie "Fast Food Nation". It speaks of love for all-American hamburger on the example of several stories. No wonder the film translated into Russian - the citizens of our country also does not hurt to see it. The book by Eric Schlosser with the same title states that 54 million Americans are obese because of his love for fast food. Russia confidently goes to these indicators.

Before once again because of the rush to buy a hamburger in a tent, consider whether this time saving your health. Do you eat to live, and not vice versa. Try to help your body to function properly, and it will help you good health and a strong fit body.

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