Eating meat or vegetarian?

Eating meat or vegetarian?
 Fashion is different. Someone buys cars and designer clothes. And someone is interested in a healthy lifestyle, imitating idols in the world of glamor. Fashion to food - one bz most capricious. Sushi or habitual simple food, fast food or slow food, eating meat or vegetarian?

For many years, between carnivores and vegetarians are conducted with serious debate about the correctness of a particular type of food. More and more people are inclined to believe that plant foods healthier meat. But more and more doctors are calling up the daily menu as varied as possible. After all, people need minerals and vitamins contained in any food.

Proponents of the popular vegetarian food now argue that not eating meat is not only ethical, but also for physiological reasons. The first is the inability to eat corpses of killed animals. Stories about accidents eyes cows going to die, replete with internet access and many TV channels. But people forget that for centuries developed instincts are stronger than us, but because the very few stories are re. In addition, experiments have shown that plants also read information and react to invading their space. It is proved that the grass exudes negative vibration "as" a person who caused her pain.

More modern, fashionable and therefore, is to look at vegetarianism from a physiological point of view. It is believed that a person in their internal structure rather herbivorous creature. In support of this argument, given his lack of claws and teeth characteristic of predators in the presence of well-developed salivary glands, characteristic of herbivorous. Yet, studying and comparing the human body and various mammals, scientists have come to the conclusion that our digestive system is universal.

You can not lose sight of the fact that nowadays there is no clean food. Plants sprayed with chemicals and "feed" various additives to enhance growth. Animals that eat these plants will accumulate in itself all the negative. A person receives harmful substances from any kind of food. Everyone has to make their choice. It depends on your health, religion and general outlook. However, it should be recognized that many carnivores become vegetarians. At the same time, cases of non-plant foods are very rare. Eating habits often affects the character. Those who are used to eating vegetables, more peaceful than meat-eaters.

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