Buckwheat and pear: useful properties

Buckwheat and pear: useful properties
 Speaking about the beneficial properties of pear and buckwheat, it should be noted that the first is one of the traditional means of replenishing the body with vitamins, an excellent means to treat a variety of diseases. Buckwheat - the most valuable of cereals in the diet, an indispensable source of protein and is therefore a full substitute for meat in the diet.

Both plants, pear and buckwheat, are rich in iron salts: in different varieties of pears its percentage varies, but it is possible to visually determine which type of pear contains iron in large quantities - such pear slices very quickly darken. The high content of iron in buckwheat makes it an indispensable component of the diet for anemia (anemia).
 Dishes from buckwheat recommended dietary diabetics, atherosclerosis, hypertension.

 Flowers and leaves of buckwheat and wild pear used in folk medicine in the form of decoctions: buckwheat - to reduce the fragility of blood vessels, radiation sickness, wound healing; pears - for the treatment of intestinal disorders, kidney cleansing, restoring potency in men, removal of salts from the body.

 Pear and buckwheat are used for the treatment of protracted bronchitis, dry cough, tracheitis. Collect the leaves of plants (two tablespoons) Pour boiling water (500 grams) and insist on a steam bath for half an hour. Then take 30 minutes before a meal three times a day. Treatment should be continued for 2 weeks.

They are also used as a dietary diabetes. To do this, the juice of fresh pears to regularly take half an hour before a meal. If the juice is normally tolerated, the dose can be gradually increased to 200 grams. A buckwheat in this disease are used as follows: two tablespoons of buckwheat flour milled to the state, in the evening pour a glass of buttermilk, and in the morning on an empty stomach eaten as breakfast. Regular intake of this tool helps reduce blood sugar and has a beneficial effect on the work of the pancreas.

 Decoctions of wild pear (wildings) is used to remove toxins from the body, to improve urinary tract, obesity and liver disease. Pears contain sodium and chlorine in very limited quantities, so they are used in salt-free diets.

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