BlackBerry: calorie, composition and properties of blackberries

BlackBerry: calorie, composition and properties of blackberries
 Blackberry - handicraft plant that grows primarily in open forests, hillsides, roadsides, plains and mountains. Also known ornamental breeding blackberry. The berries of this plant are quite large and are very similar in shape to raspberry, since they relate to the same family. Expressed their difference - the color, blackberry has blue-black. To taste a little sour blackberries, but juicy. This low-calorie berry with a high content of useful components.

Calorie blackberry

100 g ripe, juicy blackberries contains about 40 calories, compared to other berries mostly small. That is why it is often used in different diets.

Composition of blackberries

Blackberries contains many useful natural sugars, organic acids and phenolic compounds, which have a strengthening effect on the capillaries, possessing anti-inflammatory action and preventive sclerosis.

It is impossible not to mention the content blackberry minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and some vegetable fats. The greatest amount of vitamin in the berry - Vitamin C also contains vitamins A, E and K. Of the macronutrients in the composition include: sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Blackberry not less enriched and microelements - copper, manganese, iron and other.

Properties blackberry

As we know, the healing properties of blackberries were known thousands of years ago. So in Ancient Rome soldiers fed decoction of leaves of blackberry, since such a drug has beneficial effects on the whole body. Skin diseases compresses applied on the basis of various blackberry broth. Not less popular this berry enjoyed in ancient Greece. For the treatment of colds, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, wounds, abrasions et al. Used the whole plant diseases: twigs, roots, leaves and berries.

In today's world blackberry actively used in official and folk medicine.
Blackberries has antipyretic properties, so it is used to treat colds, pneumonia and acute respiratory disease.

Dried blackberries are excellent for cooking decoctions and infusions, which are then used as a diaphoretic and diuretic. In addition, the infusion is received and as a sedative.
Do not forget that the BlackBerry is widely used in cooking and cosmetics.

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