All of the products with GMO

All of the products with GMO
 Around genetically modified foods there is great excitement. Opinion about products with GMO diverge. Opponents argue that this food is causing irreparable harm to the human body, and advocates say that GMOs - the salvation of mankind.

In the past few years, people are increasingly hear about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMO - the body, the gene structure which was deliberately altered using genetic engineering techniques, often under that name mean plants and animals. Changes are usually in the scientific or commercial purposes, to improve the properties of the product. For example, strawberries, scientists introduced the gene polar flounder, now such a berry will bear fruit even in the Far North, or rice added a gene that produces vitamin A, which until then had cereal was not. As a result, crops are resistant to drought, cold, disease, short, increased productivity in general. In Russia, allowed 13 GM crops - 6 maize varieties, 2 varieties of potatoes, 3 varieties of soybean, sugar beet grade 1 and grade rice.

Along with the opening of GMOs appeared endless disputes scientists about the consequences that may result from experiments with genes. Say officially that transgenes are useful or dangerous, nobody can. To do this or that conclusion, we need long-term and large-scale studies, now we can only speculate about the consequences of such experiments.

Himself transgene entering the human body through the food does not cause harm, so how to get into people's genetic code can not. But eating foods with GMOs can cause allergies, can also be a violation of the structure of the gastric mucosa and the appearance of the microflora in the gut, which is resistant to antibiotics. Also, the transgenes can be introduced into the gene apparatus intestinal microorganisms, i.e. mutate and mutation of cells leads to the development of cancer. Possible consequences may be a violation of metabolism and decreased immunity of the whole organism.

Not the fact that after the use of the product with the GMO will happen to you something of the above, but there is a certain risk. Therefore, you should carefully choose the food. In Russia, the law governing the mandatory labeling of products containing GMOs in the amount of more than 0, 9%. It is necessary to read the labels on products, buy food from a reliable source, avoid fast food restaurants.

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