What you need to know about analgesics

What you need to know about analgesics
 Analgesics are very common in the modern world, but few people realize what actually they look like, in which cases they need to take, and in what - should be avoided.
 Analgesics - a medication that can suppress pain man. They are divided into two categories (depending on their composition) - narcotic and non-narcotic. Narcotic analgesics may eventually be addictive, and are used only in severe cases - such as serious illness or injury. They are used for their intended purposes and are sold only on prescription.

For non-narcotic drugs are precisely those analgesics that can be used independently. They affect the peripheral nervous system and suppress pain, where it originated. Sometimes have an additional effect - reduce inflammation, reduce the heat. In pharmacies, you can buy them without a prescription. Analgesics are available in various forms - tablets, capsules, either as liquid syrups or solutions for injection. In addition, there are painkillers for outdoor use.

Do not think that the analgesic - a panacea for all pain. For example, if you have a toothache, pain pills will help you soothe the discomfort for a couple of hours, but the visit to the dentist canceled, unfortunately, will not work. Pain - is the body's alarm that the inside is not all right, and ignore this signal is not necessary.

The tablet will not help in cases where there was pain in muscles, joints or back. Considered scientifically proven that in such situations the greatest external assistance will painkillers - ointments and gels. Also do not need to drown headache analgesics, if the situation allows it to cope with drug-free means: Sit in a chair more comfortable, relax, take a few slow, deep breaths. Often this procedure eliminates the need to take pills.

Virtually all analgesics sold over the counter, help to cope with the pain without causing harm to the body. The main thing - do not abuse drugs and remember that pain medications can relieve your condition, but can not completely cure the disease, so do not put off a visit to the doctor on the back burner.

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