What does the headache?

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 Headaches can occur at any age. Sometimes they bring a lot of inconvenience and suffering: reduced sharpness of perception of the world around, confused thoughts, it is difficult to perform professional duties.  

All causes of headaches can be divided into two major groups:
• headache as a symptom of a disease;
• headache because of our emotional state and lifestyle.

You can swallow packs means of a headache, get relief for a while, but then my head hurts again. To avoid this, you must understand the cause of pain and to take steps to address it. If concerned about frequent headaches, need necessarily be examined by a doctor. Because the head can be ill with hypertension, glaucoma, brain tumors and other serious diseases. Self-medication in these cases deal with extremely dangerous.

The second group of reasons varied. Headaches depend on emotion. Angry, quarreled, nervous, and my head is bursting with pain. The well-being greatly influenced by stress, guilt, anxiety, fear. Because when these emotions observed long contraction of the muscles of the upper body and face. Tense muscles irritate nerve endings, and the pain impulse is transmitted to the brain. This muscle pain character. If you recall the cartoon about a little raccoon, there is disclosed the main secret: you have to smile. A smile is not only able to lighten the mood, but also solve a lot of problems. And there are no problems - no stress - no headaches.

A huge impact on health have posture and pose. At work, at home or in public transport, we often sit back and bent his head bowed, not even noticing how tense the muscles of the neck, as tired eyes at dusk. In these moments we do not feel like from different parts of the body pain impulses are transmitted to the brain. Vessels in the tendons parts of the body dilate, but my head is narrow. In this case, blood is redistributed, the brain begins to suffer from lack of oxygen, and by entering into it of toxins. The result is a headache.

It can also occur with sudden expansion vessels - the so-called migraine. The reasons most often are hormonal in nature: the reception of contraceptives, the period before menstruation, endocrine imbalance.

Very often the cause of headache depends entirely on us. This inability to control their emotions, the desire for accumulation of information without its practical application, intolerant attitude towards others and to themselves. Try to avoid the above-mentioned factors. And if your headache is not caused by any serious illness, then you forget what it is.

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