What can I eat in the post

What can I eat in the post
 Lent - the most rigorous and significant of all ecclesiastical posts. While it is prohibited to use all animal products and products in which they belong, sweets and rich bread.

On the use of plant foods prohibition does not apply, and therefore can be incorporated into your diet potatoes, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, various pickles, namely sauerkraut, pickled and marinated vegetables. Also, the ban does not say anything about mushrooms, breadcrumbs, nuts, drying, black and gray bread, tea, various cereals on the water and kissels.

Feast of the Annunciation, the Holy Virgin and Palm Sunday do not prohibit the use of fish. Friday of the first week consumption permitted kolyva which consists of boiled wheat adding small quantities of sugar or honey.

The remaining days of fasting are strictly distributed order meals: Monday, Wednesday and Friday - xerophagy, which implies the use of vegetables, fruit, juice, bread and water; Tuesday and Thursday are allowed to eat hot food without oil; and on Saturday and Sunday - with vegetable oil.

However, all these restrictions imposed during Lent, let you still make a diet of delicious and healthy meals to help brighten up the difficulty of fasting.

The recommended first courses are meatless soups, which must be present sauteed onions and carrots, and tomato paste or ketchup, pepper - all this will make the soup taste more pleasant. However, the real salvation for fasting are pea, bean and mushroom, oxalic soups. They also recommended to add a variety of cereals, such as barley or rice, to increase satiety and density.

As a second course is well suited fried potatoes, seasoned sauerkraut. Potatoes became a staple food throughout the post, from it we can cook a variety of dishes, from French fries to baked potatoes. In addition to the second role of the dishes are good, canned beans, corn or peas. You can also vary the food or vegetable ragout-bag, frozen vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans, vegetable mixes.

Desserts and drinks may make compotes and jelly, fruit drinks and juices, and of course, tea. A great addition to tea will be baked apples, apple-carrot puree or mash the other fruits.

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