Useful and therapeutic properties of quince

Useful and therapeutic properties of quince
 Quince fruits, seemingly rough and hard, have a number of useful properties. They are widely used in cooking and cosmetology. Also, due to the high content of valuable minerals and vitamins, quince is often used in folk medicine.

Fresh fruit quince hardly suitable for use in raw form. Specific tart and sour taste, as well as rigid pulp of this fruit make it not too attractive option for those who like fresh fruit. At the same time, the fruits of quince - it is an excellent raw material for making jam, jam, jelly and juice.

Quince feature consists in the fact that it contains a large amount of nutrients. In particular, quince - a source of vitamins C and A, pectin, tannins, malic and citric acid. Low calorie makes it an indispensable product for supporters of diet food.

As a remedy, quince has been known since ancient times. Eating fresh quince juice has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helps fight anemia and asthma, has a positive effect on the organs of the cardiovascular system.

Frayed and cooked quince fruits have proven to be an indispensable antiemetic. They are also capable of alleviating the state of people suffering with diarrhea. This feature quince connected to a high content of tannins her flesh.

Unique healing properties also have the seeds and quince. Decoction of them - this is the best remedy for uterine bleeding, hemoptysis and bronchitis. Such as broth, which has a good bactericidal effect, often used for gargling, especially effective in angina.

The healing properties of quince have been applied in the home of cosmetology. Quince juice can be an excellent basis for the preparation of a lotion which has a sedative effect on oily skin. Undiluted juice can be used to get rid of freckles and age spots. Due to the high content of acids, it is perfectly whiten skin.

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