Proper nutrition summer

Proper nutrition summer
 In the summer of each person have to change their daily routine and diet. The air temperature rises, so the body cells twice quickly absorbed oxygen, the energy consumption is reduced accordingly. The body needs less food, but it is necessary to revise their usual diet, as due to heat problems occur with the digestive system.

In the hot season is better to give up fatty and junk food. Fatty meats and fish should be replaced meatless. It is desirable to reduce the consumption of legumes, baking, bread. Summer essential fresh vegetables, they are able to almost fully meet the demand for food. Use green salad, dill, parsley, they diversify your table, make the food taste better.

Do not forget about fruit, especially in the summer a large variety of them. Pears, melons, peaches and other fruits and vegetables as easily absorbed by our bodies, saturating it with vitamins and microelements.

Do not give up dairy products. Yogurt, kefir - are indispensable for the smooth functioning of the intestines, they satisfy hunger and well cooled. At high temperatures in dairy products develop bacteria that can cause goiter, so be careful in choosing these products, they should not be kept at a temperature higher than 4 degrees C.

Summer body asks for more water, constantly thirsty, there is excessive sweating. Since then, aside from the liquid people lose minerals. Preferring mineral water and green tea, you can easily make up for the lost minerals. In the heat is not desirable to drink coffee, sugary juices and sodas they do not quench thirst.

By the process of preparation and consumption of food in the summer should be taken carefully. Eat food in the form of freshly prepared, as the constant in the heat food can be breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Discard the food in the restaurants and cafeterias, there is very often not respected basic health standards. Fruits and vegetables, even grown in his garden, thoroughly wash with soap and water.

The heat - it's time to lose a few pounds, in hot weather the body itself recycles excess fat, and if plus everything he has and help proper nutrition, the weight loss will be faster.

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