Oxygen cocktails. Whom they are contraindicated?

Oxygen cocktails. Whom they are contraindicated?
 Rare medical or sports and health center complete without advertising oxygen cocktails, and many of them are already white kiosks offering to improve their health by eating sweet foam a special spoon with a long handle. It is desirable to pass a course of treatments to achieve a greater effect.

Why are there ads themselves doctors prescribe oxygen cocktails as a supplement to the basic treatment, strongly praising the effectiveness of such a foam substance. What diseases are not only treats oxygen cocktail: eliminates hypoxia, treats ascariasis in children normalizes sleep and even eliminates the manifestation of chronic fatigue syndrome. What really is the oxygen cocktail and if he has any contraindications?

Oxygen cocktail - a drink brought to the state of the air foam saturated with oxygen. The drink may be different: the mineral solution, herbal tea, juice or decoction of herbs. All good cocktail is that it gives our body with oxygen, which is immediately absorbed through the digestive tract, improving the functioning of all organs and eliminating every cell from harmful substances.

Oxygen cocktail based mineral solution or herbal complex nourishes the immune system, and juice-based cocktail invigorates and refreshes. In this case, oxygen cocktail activates all the functions of intestinal microflora and normalizes it. In turn, this improves the digestive process and accelerates the decomposition of nutrients.

Oxygen cocktail stabilizes the nervous system, liver and heart. With regular use of the drink will help improve performance. However, even in such a magic bullet has its contraindications.

It is not necessary to use oxygen cocktails in the case of aggravation of asthma and respiratory failure. Also, when hyperthermia (high temperature) and severe symptoms of poisoning. Refrain from drink with peptic ulcer, with adhesive, gallstones and urolithiasis. Individual tolerance components oxygen cocktail is uncommon, however, does occur. In this case it is necessary to replace those elements unacceptable to which the body is not as sensitive.

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