Meals autumn: Stored nutrients

Meals autumn: Stored nutrients
 There are a lot of berries, fruits and vegetables, which ripen in autumn. Hostess learned to keep them that way, losing only a small proportion of nutrients. In some cases, the effect of cold on the fruits, in other - on the contrary, heat treatment. One way storage is canning. Yet, as just noticed people, "all manner of herbs - one time" and consume fruits in the correct season ripening.

The most "autumn" vegetable - pumpkin. It is rich in carotene, B vitamins, it simply huge "reservoir" of iron, which is why pumpkin useful for people with low hemoglobin. Its pectin promote excretion of cholesterol. Now imagine that for each month of storage pumpkin lose up to 7-9 per cent of its beneficial properties! Why not an argument for the fall of consumption of this vegetable ...

From it you can cook a myriad of delicious vegetable casseroles, combine the pumpkin with other vegetables, meat, poultry or seafood. Good stewed pumpkin with chicken liver and rosemary. Such warm salads are served in the best restaurants in the world and no one remembers that the two main ingredients of some 100 years ago were considered food of the poor. Certainly deserves attention soup made from pumpkins and sprinkled with roasted pumpkin seeds. For dessert you can cook candied pumpkin.

Autumn berries ripen north - cranberries and cranberry. Their benefit is difficult to describe in words. The fact that these berries are a real storehouse of vitamins and shows all impaired people already worthy of attention. They also help in disorders of the excretory system, rheumatic diseases, diseases of the lungs. Even healthy people cranberries and cranberry bring a lot of benefits.

It is recommended to consume them in small portions twice a day, preferably after a meal (especially the recommendation is relevant to people with high acidity of the stomach). These berries can procure and store. For example, or their frayed with sugar, or the Gulf of boiled then cooled water or freezing. But when storing the medicinal properties of cranberries and cranberry are below.

It is extremely useful for our bodies red bell pepper. Consumption of fresh vegetables helps to avoid problems with hematopoietic and cardiovascular systems, but by the content of vitamin C is not inferior lemons and black currants. Of peppers can be cooked a wonderful meal - gyuvechi for which pepper cut into squares, stewed in olive oil with tomatoes and onions. If desired, this dish can be added young beef or lean pork. Another dish that is recommended to prepare - peppers stuffed with feta cheese. For him clean fleshy pods and seeds from the stalk, put inside each slice of cheese, brush with extra virgin olive oil and bake in the oven.

There is no doubt that the autumn - the most favorable time of year to stock up on nutrients.

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