Eggplant: the useful properties of the composition and

Eggplant: the useful properties of the composition and
 Eggplant - a very useful and tasty vegetable, a native of India and China. Need to learn how to choose it, to gain maximum benefit. Buy young and immature eggplant. Peel them should be smooth, thin and without brown spots. Cook and eat this vegetable as often as possible and you will do your health invaluable.

In eggplant contains many minerals, vitamins, organic acids, pectins and biologically active substances. This wonderful vegetable can be fried, stewed, pickling, drying, freezing, canning and cooking from it delicious caviar. Just do not forget to soak before cooking cut eggplant in salted water. So you remove the bitterness. Then it must be well rinsed.

Due to the high potassium content eggplant beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels. Helps rid the body of cholesterol and excess fluid. Thus contributing to combat swelling and of plaque in blood vessels.

Eggplants have a positive impact on the kidneys and urinary system. Assist uricosuric and salts. This vegetable is shown in gout and kidney stones.

In this valuable vegetable contains a lot of fiber, dietary fiber and organic acids, beneficial for digestion. These nutrients help to stimulate gastric secretion and intestinal motility. Eggplant is included in the diet menu in chronic gastritis, goiter and the treatment of constipation. In addition, it is low-calorie vegetable. It can safely eat people struggling with being overweight.

Admission eggplant is shown in liver disease and chronic hepatitis. It promotes bile secretion.

In eggplant contains nicotinic acid. Due to this they can help to quit smoking. Daily consumption of food can replace the nicotine patch and reduce the discomfort of rejection of cigarettes.

Eggplant and used for burns. Of raw vegetables compress on the affected skin. The juice of this vegetable has antibiotic activity.

Do not forget that you can not use food overripe eggplant! In these fruits can contain and accumulate toxic alkaloids dangerous to health.

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