Eat and lose weight: how is this possible?

Eat and lose weight: how is this possible?
 There is a misconception, saying that to lose weight you must stop eating or at least severely limit your diet. Yeah, so you can throw a few pounds, but the body at the same time is so slow metabolism that once you normalize your diet gone pounds not only back, but also bring with them comrades. To lose weight for a long time, do not need to starve. You need to eat properly.

There are many so-called mono-diet, in which during the day can eat all you want, but only some product only. And in this case, the person loses weight too, but even the most perfect product does not have in its composition of all necessary for the functioning of the body's elements and vitamins. The resulting nutrient deficiency affects the well-being of slimming and can have far-reaching consequences.

Therefore, deciding to lose weight, do not sit on a diet, and revise your diet and continue there, but do it right. The only way you will lose weight permanently, without causing harm. Well, you can lose weight by adhering to the system "hudey in a dream", developed by German doctors.

The essence of this system is to ensure that losing weight distributes its daily ration into three meals. The distribution is as follows. Just awakened body needs energy flow that it can get through breakfast containing a large amount of carbohydrates. Therefore, without compunction eat breakfast cereals and muesli, bread and rolls, jam and marmalade. But make sure that the products in the morning was as little as possible of the protein. From cheese and sausage sandwiches have unfortunately abandoned.

Allow pause in 5 hours and eat lunch any usual dishes you. Of course, do not need to overeat to abdominal pain. Reasonable portions, balanced diet - nothing extraordinary. Before dinner, soak another five-hour break.

But dinner is possible only protein. Seafood cocktail, baked fish and even grilled steak. All this will give you a feeling of satiety before bed and provide the body with sufficient amount of amino acids needed to update the body. Energy for the "construction work" your body will draw from stored fat reserves.

People holding system "hudey in a dream," necessarily lose weight at the same time they do not have to starve. The body continues to operate in its normal mode without experiencing much stress, so even if you eat one cake for dinner, no fatal consequences you do not get. Eating on the above system, in six months you can lose 10 to 40 pounds. Agree that this is a very good indicator. And for that, you just need to have. Eat properly.

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