Calcium - Vitamin Beauty

Calcium - Vitamin Beauty
 Calcium - one of the most important elements: it is responsible for the formation of cartilage and bone, as well as the beauty of hair, skin, nails and teeth. That is why it is sometimes called "beauty vitamin".
 On average, the daily requirement for calcium female body is one gram (in pregnant and lactating - two grams). The peculiarity of this element in that it is digested only by 50%. For better absorption of calcium and its delay in the body take this element together with vitamin D.

In the body of calcium can do with food, and with the help of drugs. The leading position on the content of this element in dairy products. In addition, sources of calcium - roach, soybeans, cabbage, sprats, yolk and parsley. The more the body receives calcium from plant foods, the better the condition of bone, skin, hair and nails.

Lack of receipt of calcium leads to an increase in blood pressure and heart palpitations, osteoporosis, brittle nails, hair dullness, the emergence of a number of skin diseases and other negative consequences. The human body is designed so that even if insufficient intake of this element with food still calcium excreted and this occurs due to the "reserve fund" - teeth, bones and joints. Naturally, this excretion of calcium affects the appearance of the fair sex, and her health.

To normalize the calcium levels can be assigned to a salt thereof: iodide, gluconate, carbonate, lactate and chloride. These drugs are recommended to drink milk. Furthermore, in this time period excluded from the diet recommended products that contain acetic and oxalic acid, since they reduce calcium absorption.

Lack of calcium is not less dangerous than an excess of this element in the body. Hypercalcemia can cause postponement of calcium in the kidneys, muscles and blood vessels. In addition, due to an excess of calcium possible violations of brain functions.

In view of this, before you start taking this "beauty vitamin", it is necessary to consult a doctor: he will hold the appropriate examination and prescribe the optimal dose of calcium.

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