Basic health indicators

Basic health indicators
 Health - is not merely the absence of disease, but also a certain level of physical fitness and development. By such indicators as dependent energy potential, as well as a person's mood.
 1. The frequency of cardiac indications alone (HR) - This indicator is a measure how hard the heart works. If it is not trained, it makes more cuts and deteriorating rapidly. Less than the resting heart rate, the stronger the heart muscle. Healthy heart of one contraction throws larger volume of blood and rest periods are increased.

2. Blood pressure (BP) - for its measurement using a tonometer. Normal blood pressure is considered to be 110/70 mm. Hg. Art. To normalize blood pressure during the initial stages of hypertension and hypotension may occur through physical training. To increase the pressure should be dealt with speed and power sports. In short, those who promote intensive blood flow. A low-intensity cyclic classes, such as walking, slow jogging, contribute to its decline.

3. Growth-weight index - it is calculated by subtracting from the growth of body weight. The ideal index is considered 105-115 depending on the width of the bone. Any change in this indicator over the age of 20 years, says that outlines some violations in the metabolic processes of the body.

4. General endurance - to determine this parameter, you can use a simple exercise: overcoming distance of 2 km. Men coping with this distance for 8-9 minutes, and the woman running through a mileage by an average of 11 minutes, have a high level of health.

5. The efficiency of the immune system can be determined by laboratory, analyzing the amount of antibodies in the blood.
The easiest method of assessing your immune system - is the result of its operation. It can be determined by how often you were sick for a year.

6. vitals. The higher the overweight, the more problems with the work of organs and vital systems of the human body. There was a relationship between the volume of air that a person is able to breathe at a time and its efficiency and stress tolerance to external stimuli. This figure is called the vital capacity of the lungs (ZHЁL). You can define it using a spirometer. ZHЁL dividing body weight in kilograms, you can see vital signs. The lower boundary for men - 55 ml / kg, for women - 45 ml / kg.

7. The presence of chronic diseases. People who are not involved in sports, it is much more likely to develop diseases. However, we can not say that the development of cardiovascular or gastrointestinal disease that affects the body's functional preparedness. It is important not to forget about proper nutrition, healthy sleep, as well as the opportunity to live in favorable environmental conditions.

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