5 reasons to have to work slowly

 One of the problems of modern life is that it is a very fast rhythm, we have to constantly be in a hurry and do not have time to everywhere. And as soon as there is a free moment, people eagerly snapped up on food.

Fast food intake leads to stress and disease. Need to change their own lives well and be sure to start eating more slowly - there is nothing difficult. Need to bite off a little bit, chew more thoroughly enjoying every bit of food.

Many have heard of «Slow food». This movement began 20 years ago in order to deal with «Fast food». All that is included in Fast Food, can in no way be taken to the Slow Food. Consider the main reasons for to shoot all cases pay the extra couple of minutes leisurely meal.

1. Lowering the weight.

Many studies of various scientists, confirm the fact that the decrease in the rate of eating food leads to a decrease in the total number of calories consumed.

That the person has eaten, the brain understands only 20 minutes, so the fast food the body does not have time to understand, but when actually occurred state of satiety. If there is a slow, then the brain will give timely information when you need to stop.

2. Enjoy the food.

It is not easy to enjoy the meal, in case it has to be swallowed, chewed but not with as follows. Food, such as pizza, desserts and anything fried, it is possible, but again, slowly, savoring it carefully.

3. Improved digestion.

This is possible, but only if a person eats slowly enough, that is chewing more thoroughly. It is known that digestion begins in the mouth, because if we skip this step can begin with stomach problems.

4. Stress is reduced.

When a person is an eating slowly, it is much better able to concentrate not on the food, and think about things. When people eat, they have to think only about food. And the food will be better absorbed and the head at the same time be able to relax.

5. The uprising against the speed of life and nutrition.

Fast, hard life leads to eating in fast foods and eating this meal very quickly. This lifestyle dehumanizes people, making them sick, stress, unhappy.

Modern man slips day, performing tasks one after the other, it is not enjoying life. Forget about fast food! Go to the award-winning restaurant. But much better - cook dinner at home and enjoy it in full.

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