What you should know about contact lenses

What you should know about contact lenses
 Computer, TV, phone or PDA - it is not surprising that so many people today suffer from poor vision. However, wearing glasses ready not everyone. Then recall a substitute - contact lenses. But their application at first glance does not seem so simple.  
 The lenses come in two types: regular and corrective vision. In addition, they are divided even on colored and colorless. The choice depends entirely on your preferences.

If you plan to wear them on a regular basis, you should consult a doctor, oftalmotologu. Only he will be able to choose wisely for you to wear lenses and teach them. Corrective lenses are vision and transparent. Note that the light (blue, light blue, green) eyes easily change the appearance, but in dark-eyed girls is unlikely to succeed to change eye color in this way.

Some lenses day - that is, you throw them after one wearing. There are lenses for a month, three months, six months. They are more durable and reliable. But now doctors recommend the first option: it only provides a complete sterility. In addition, one-day lenses are suitable for those who have difficulty seeing only one eye.

Relative to the lens for a month, there is one error. People think that if you do not wear them every 30 days, the period of wear increases. This is not true: the month begins on the date of opening the package, even though you were the product of all two or three times.

Hygiene eyes is very important and the most difficult to observe it. Never remove the lenses and do not put dirty hands. Store these products can only be in a special solution in the container. Try on someone else's lens is strictly forbidden, you can cause substantial harm to the health of your eyes.

Of course, contact lenses can be combined with make-up. But first, be put on the lens, and then - apply makeup. In the evening, first lens is removed, then - a makeover. If you have sensitive mucous may have to go to the hypoallergenic mascara and eyeliner.

There are no restrictions on the wearing of contact lenses or in the gym or in the cold, or when driving a car, they are allowed even in the solarium. However, you can not fall asleep in them - in some models run the risk of literally hard to unstick my eyes in the morning. There are special pattern, permeable to oxygen, but is continuous wear lenses. And before you start wearing them, you should consult with your doctor.

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