What you should know about antidepressants

What you should know about antidepressants
 Depression - a psychological disorder, which manifests itself in depression, inability to experience pleasure, lack of vivid emotions and desire to live. This disease is treated, including drugs and - antidepressants, around which today there are many myths and contentious issues.
 Depression for a long time did not recognize the disease. Low self-esteem, motor retardation, apathy, and sometimes aggression, - all this was seen as a normal state, which simply has to be experienced. But over time, scientists have found a temporary threshold at which the costs to see a doctor. If within four to six months, the state is not normal, depression can be considered a psychological disorder requiring treatment.

Treatment includes treatment and medical parts. Second just make antidepressants. Most of them act in a certain way - change the balance of chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain, restoring the right balance. It is worth noting that these drugs do not act immediately. The effect begins to manifest only after three to four weeks of use. During this time, an antidepressant interferes with the processes of interaction between brain cells and begins to contribute to the change in the ratio norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine (they are responsible for depression).

The choice of drug, the antidepressant should be carried out exclusively by a qualified technician. But even in this case the first selected drug can not conceive the desired effect. Antidepressants selectively affect human, and, if in one case, a complete cure was achieved, another patient may not feel any effect.

Use of the drug includes the choice of dosage. Incorrectly picked able to distort the perception of reality.

Another important point in the use of antidepressants - the end of the course of treatment. Throw drugs at any time in any case impossible, it is dangerous to health. For example, if the patient felt improvement disclaims antidepressants at the peak of their effects on the brain, depression can come back and be much stronger.

It is important to note that antidepressants affect only the symptoms of depression, but have no effect on the cause. That is why one tablets treatment fails, and the disease will not back down. It is important to combine the effects of drug and psychotherapy, in which the doctor will find out the cause and with the patient will be working on a fix.

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