What is different from other red fish?

What is different from other red fish?
 Red fish is a delicacy deserved. She has red meat, it is salmon, trout, salmon, chum. Basically this fish lives in the Far East. It has a number of unique properties that makes it not only delicious, but also useful product.

Fish called because of its red meat having a red or pinkish hue. They feed mainly on crustaceans, which are composed of a large number of red dye. If we translate the fish on artificial food, the meat starts to lighten it.

Red fish has a relatively high fat content due to the presence of fatty acids Omega-3, which are almost not produced in the human body. They are able to strengthen blood vessels and lower cholesterol levels, promote normal functioning of the nervous system, brain, and are an indispensable tool for various types of diets.

Red fish has vitamins A, D, B12 and pyridoxine, has beneficial effects on metabolism, promotes normal blood circulation. With a large supply of amino acids and fatty acids, it is indispensable if you exercise and diet, and selenium can slow the aging process.

Another difference of this fish is its red caviar, which is not only expensive delicacy, but also unique in its nutritious foods. With a composition of easily digestible protein, lecithin, phosphorus and calcium, caviar - an indispensable dish for any holiday table.

A distinctive feature of the salmon family is the price. This fish is not available to all due to its high cost. This is due to the fact that she is caught mainly in the Far East, and the price depends on the catch. It kind of gives it a title and a noble delicacy.

Preparation of red fish is also different from other cooking her relatives. Often resort to the method of salting, sometimes it is smoked. Trout and salmon can be baked.

For such fish require special storage conditions. Hot smoked salmon can not be stored for more than a month, while cold-smoked salmon in a vacuum package keeps its properties up to two months.

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