Useful properties of melon

Useful properties of melon
 Bright, juicy, tender, flavorful, low-calorie: the watermelon in a lot of advantages and useful properties. He does not claim to be the "vitamin bomb", but its healing effect can compete with many other fruits and berries.

It is believed that watermelon on the structure is much poorer in vitamins than other berries and fruits. This is partly true, because in order to get a sufficient dose of nutrients, you need to eat a fair amount of watermelon flesh, which is not everyone's strength.

However, this much-loved berry is truly unique in its composition, and can serve as a real cure for some diseases. Watermelon is 85% water, so it is the main benefit for the body - cleansing. With the use of watermelon is possible to arrange the diet fasting days and even purge kidney stones (strictly under medical supervision). Fasting day on watermelon is good that the flesh of this fruit can be eaten at the rate of 1 kg to 10 kg of weight. In fact, this very much, and you feel the hunger will not. In just one day, such a diet can excrete excess fluid by a powerful diuretic effect and saturate the skin with moisture. Furthermore, watermelon purifies blood cholesterol.
In watermelon hardly contains fruit acids, which can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time it contains a lot of alkali, which explains the cathartic effect on the urinary system.

Watermelon - a real storehouse of magnesium and iron, so the flesh can be eaten with anemia caused by deficiency of these substances. Western scientists have recently discovered another interesting properties of this berry. Watermelon, is used instead of green tea has anti-cancer effect. In particular, it substantially reduces the risk of prostate cancer. This effect is due to lycopene content of both products. A parallel use of their results in beneficial synergies.

Do not forget about the watermelon seeds, because they can also be eaten and benefit for your body. In a lot of watermelon seeds linolenic and palmitic acids, and for its nutritional value watermelons can compete with almonds. Crushed watermelon seeds - excellent anthelminthic. Powder insist on the water and take medical purposes to remove parasites from the body.

Few know how useful and watermelon rind. For a start they need to be dried in the oven, and then, during the winter, prepare the broth. This drink will help to cope with the swelling and will have a beneficial effect on the heart. In addition, because you can cook candied peel and jam.

By drinking watermelon should be aware that it is not compatible almost with any other products. Also, before you eat this berry is not recommended to eat anything salty, otherwise all the liquid obtained and watermelon flesh will linger in the body, and provoke swelling.

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