The use of natural antioxidants

The use of natural antioxidants
 Antioxidants - the pure natural ingredients that help plants fight fading and various bacteria. In humans, antioxidants help protect cells from free radical damage, regardless of the magnificent prophylactic against various diseases.

It is well known that it is better to drink freshly squeezed orange juice than taking synthetic antioxidants. These natural substances found in vegetable products, having the form of phenolic compounds. While in certain ratios, they make up a unique structure. Scientists from the US Brigham Young University (Utah) conducted a study which found that the use of such a complex man of polyphenols is much more effective than any artificial ingredients.

For example, vitamin C, which is one of the most well-known antioxidants, is always in the complex, which can not be artificially reproduced. This also applies to the vitamin E represented by us as a synthetic alpha-tocopherol. Even modern technology is not able to reproduce what nature gives us.

Synthetic vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol containing not contain any beta-or gamma-tocopherol. But it is known that gamma-tocopherol is essential for the proper functioning of neurons in the brain. That is why all artificial analogues of vitamin inferior nature, which are fully contained in soy and olives.

The same thing happened with beta-carotene, which has been isolated from his brother (alpha-carotene). As it turned out, alpha-carotene is much more effective. And in a complex ... By the way, carotene should not be used separately from one another, as good in this little. Not only that - it is harmful.

If the abuse taking one of the carotenoids, it will begin to displace the body of others. This will certainly lead to imbalances may arise various violations. Here starts the principle of the golden mean: a lot - it is also bad as not enough.

Unlike natural, synthetic antioxidants can not save all the useful properties and the necessary proportions contained in vegetable products. Therefore it is better to use them in kind.

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