The product, which guarantees normal metabolism

The product, which guarantees normal metabolism
 A good metabolism ensures excellent health, a stable weight, normal operation of all internal organs. This avoids many of the chronic diseases. Scientists after studies have found a product with the systematic use of which can achieve excellent results.  
 The product, which ensures a good metabolism, excellent health, high performance, protects the body from cancer, helps to maintain optimal weight - it dried. In a list of recommended for systematic use of dried fruits were figs, dates, raisins, dried apricots, prunes, apples. Dried fruits contain high amounts of natural fiber with a low glycemic index, so that helps keep your metabolism at the right level and are the prevention of its decline.

These products contain a lot of antioxidants that protect the heart and blood vessels, as well as preventing inflammation and cell mutations. Dried fruit is very convenient to store and use regularly, not only as a snack, as an alternative to potato chips, fast food, but also the main food, replacing them breakfast or dinner.

Do not forget that the dried fruit - a very high-calorie product containing 100 g of 250-300 kcal. Basically this is achieved by a high caloric content due to carbohydrates. But this product is completely free of fat and has the ability to quickly suppress the increased appetite, due to which the process of losing weight. In addition, significantly improves the function of the intestine, normal work of the heart, liver, gallbladder, the body is saturated with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as dried fruit all the nutrients are in a concentrated form. To improve your metabolism, you need to eat every day at least 150-200 g of dried fruit. It is better if it is dried mixture.

It is not necessary to cook dried fruit compote. When heated, the majority of vitamins and minerals is destroyed. You can simply pour 1 kg of dry feed two liters of water and infuse under the hood.

Nutritionists recommend to spend on dried fruit diet for three to five days a month. One day need 500 grams of dried fruits, which are to be divided into 12 equal portions, eat 1 serving each hour, drinking a large glass of water or green tea without sugar. This will quickly normalize metabolism and significantly lose weight without feeling a strong sense of hunger.

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