Terms of nutrition in Ayurveda

Terms of nutrition in Ayurveda
 Ayurveda - an ancient Indian doctrine that covers many aspects of human life: its spirituality, physical health, treatment. Great value in it plays a power system, which is based on simple, but nonetheless a very important principle.

One of the basic rules of nutrition in Ayurveda is a self-cooked meal. Need only fresh food, which is not subjected to heat treatment again. Also, very important, and the process of cooking. Need to engage in cooking itself, being thus in a good mood, thinking about something light and joy. Hindus believe that if cooked meal and get tastier and healthier.

Ayurveda does not involve a clear distribution of the daily dose of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is recommended to eat only when a person begins to feel hunger. It is believed that our body will tell you when he does not have enough energy for normal life. But this in no way means that you need to overeat.

Terms of nutrition in Ayurveda state that once a week a person should take a break from excessive junk food. Of course, at first it is difficult to adhere to this principle, but over time there is a pleasant feeling of lightness, you begin to understand the importance of this rule.

Indian cuisine has long been famous for its variety of spices, which are considered followers of Ayurveda not only give the dish a spicy taste, but are very useful for the organism. In its composition of spices contain a lot of nutrients, and therefore some of them have a pronounced therapeutic effect. However, their use must adhere to the "golden mean."

The doctrine of Ayurveda suggests a special approach to the use of food. Not recommended during meals to conduct business negotiations or talks on unpleasant topics, read books, distracted by watching TV or listening to loud music. It is advisable to eat in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, with good humor - then you will get from eating not only fun but also a great benefit to the whole organism.

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