Snack - the enemy of weight loss and health

Snack - the enemy of weight loss and health
 Proper nutrition can help you look good and feel good. On the contrary, harmful products, and even eaten at the wrong time, only compound the problems both medical and aesthetic. One of the bad eating habits can be considered as uncontrolled snacking.
 According to doctors, the human body is very much dependent on the mode. If you go to bed and wake up and eat at the same time, all the organs and systems to adapt to this rhythm and will run more smoothly than in the hectic life.

However, in a modern city clear mode is not always possible. Due to employment, transportation problems and other factors a person can begin to skip meals or change them much time. This causes a snack.

On their own snack or lunch - planned meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner - not so bad. On the contrary, some people fit split meals when all the food is divisible by 5, 6 or more times per day. At the same time, do not rush to seize fleeting hunger first got food. Often during an unplanned snack in humans is not possible to eat something useful, and it satisfies hunger chips, sandwiches, scones and sweet drinks. These products bring only short-term satiety and a lot of extra calories. Therefore, for the figure and the health of meals should be avoided.

Especially harmful night snacks. At night, the digestive tract is better to be alone. After eating at night, you risk earn insomnia, as well as extra fat.

Passion for snacking can be tamed. To do this, take it with you to work or to study your favorite and useful products. For example, suitable apple, drinking yoghurt or kefir, dry bread. Such a light meal will help you reduce the feeling of hunger before the main meal. Home put in a vase on a table fruit. If desired, a snack eat them. However, be careful with grapes and bananas - these products are high-calorie.

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