Male and female menopause

Male and female menopause
 During menopause age physiological changes occur in the female and in the male body. Problems in women start a little earlier, and proceed much more painful. In men, menopause is a lot softer and smoother, but the time of its appearance depends on many factors.

Early male menopause can begin in about 45 years, but the real change can occur far beyond 60. There are many factors that accelerate its appearance. If a man is often subjected to electromagnetic radiation in contact with toxic substances, has a tumor in the testis and other male genital organs, the climax begins much earlier.

Drinking alcohol and smoking also have bad effects. Unlike women, the onset of menopause in the male population does not affect the appearance, and if there are any changes, they are hardly noticeable. Female population are most concerned about the change in appearance.

Process in men lasts about 2-4 years and is temporary. If during menopause man goes in for sports, do not smoke and do not drink alcohol, is undergoing treatment for inflammatory diseases, no serious damage to health will not. If he throws himself into a panic, causing irreparable harm to themselves and others, the changes become chronic and can cause not only physical impairments, but also cause damage to the nervous system.

If a man is married, menopausal changes are much more easily than a man alone. In the family, he can get the right care, and a result, he almost did not notice the way the disease is passed.

After menopause in women menopause, and men - andropause, which reduces libido. True, this phenomenon is temporary, and the sexual life of 50 or 60 years, fully depends on the desires and actions of sexual partners. During this period, sex men 90% depends on the woman, because the tenderness will partner depends on the amount received tenderness and affection. Exercise, often get out into nature, and most importantly - love one another. And menopause will pass almost unnoticed.

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