How to determine the duration of the cycle

How to determine the duration of the cycle
 Calculating the cycle time of a woman is of great importance, because it affects the determination of the moment of ovulation and possible conception, fertility periods of women, who in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies necessarily require the use of contraceptives
 Often the definition of the cycle time is important when examining women even on the diseases of other organs and systems of the body, because the physiological parameters at this time may vary.

For self-determination of the length of the menstrual cycle, you can use programs built into your computer or mobile phone, and you can use the time-tested method. It requires only careful attention to their own well-being and the regular celebration of the changes in the usual pocket calendars.

As a starting point to the first day of next menstruation - it is the first day of the cycle, it should always be noted in the calendar, and from him to push off with their calculations. During the menstrual bleeding occurs rejection of the functional layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus and its removal from the blood. The duration of menstruation usually varies from three days to a week, and every girl or woman this duration is individual. Last day of the month of bleeding should also be sure to mark your calendar.

Later comes the estrogen phase of the cycle, during which there is an increase in the functional layer of the uterus and the ovaries matures and is preparing to enter the abdominal cavity of the egg. During this period, be sure to write down in your notebook data about his health, the changing nature of discharge from the genital tract, the state of the mucous membrane of the external genitalia and vagina, libido enhancement. Also during this period to determine the exact time of ovulation is required to be measured in the morning the temperature in the rectum (rectal temperature) by conventional mercury thermometers. Until the moment of ovulation temperature stays below 37 ° C, and for 12-24 hours before ovulation period rectal temperature rises and remains at this level until the next menstrual period.

Ovulation and the beginning of the luteal phase can be identified by the increase and some breast tenderness. 3-4 days before the next menstruation may change the mood, appear minor swelling in the legs and face, there is pain in the lower abdomen - all these changes should also be noted on the calendar and notepad. The end of the menstrual cycle is the first day of the next menstrual period, which starts counting from the next month period.

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