Health and Chocolate

Health and Chocolate
 The benefits of chocolate was still known physicians of the Middle Ages. It was believed that he could have a beneficial effect on the liver, digestive tract, heart activity. Modern nutritionists also do not deny the use of this product, because it contains minerals that prevent some diseases.
 The benefits of chocolate is obvious. It improves the rate of pressure, reduces the risk of blood clots. So, if you care about health, eat chocolate instead of coffee. It is known that 40 grams of the product brings heart same benefit that a glass of red wine.

Furthermore, chocolate stimulates sensations that occur in the state of love. The reason for that - elevated levels in the brain feniltalamina. Also treat helps women easier to bear the pain in the days of menstruation.

Because chocolate contains theobromine (physiologically active substance), there is an increase of efficiency, one feels refreshed. However, the product should not be abused, as it contains the alkaloid. This means a dramatic effect, one of which is able to kill gram rabbit.

In addition, we must not forget the presence of cocoa beans oxalate and uric acid. They have a negative effect on metabolism. In connection with this chocolate is contraindicated in people suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver diseases. Also chocolate should not be used for those who suffer from constipation, as a percentage of tannins in cocoa beans is higher than the percentage of fat or water.

Determine the natural chocolate easy. In the list of ingredients, cocoa butter should be the first priority. If specified as a basis of hydrogenated vegetable oil or fat, it is not chocolate and "sweet tile".

Always refer to the expiration date, date of manufacture of the product, and that is near. Chocolate quickly absorbs odors, and therefore loses its pleasant aroma. In addition, its sensitivity to ambient humidity and temperature fluctuations is high.

Store chocolate without additives can be 6 months. If the structure includes stuffing or dairy products - three months. The temperature of storage shall not exceed 18 degrees.

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