Dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese

Dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese
 Milk - a drink, familiar to everyone since childhood. Cow's milk is used in the preparation of a dozen food industry products. Its popularity is due to the content of valuable for the growth and development of substances such as calcium, casein, milk protein, essential amino acids.  

Milk and milk products are part of the daily diet of both children and adults. Most often it is pasteurized milk, cream, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir and yogurt. Currently, the food industry provides a great variety of dairy products. Previously, they were made exclusively at home.

Especially diverse dairy products, fermented at specially selected bacterial starter. In virtually every country, or the country has a national dairy product that is produced in the home or commercial environment.

For Russia, the native Russian dish is sour cream, which is still referred to in other countries, "Russian cream." Sour cream - is that "baste" high-fat milk at its fermentation. The percentage of fat sour cream depends on the characteristics of production and ranges from 15-30%. If fresh milk with a pre-removed part of the cream, it turns sour lower fat content (15%).

Cottage cheese or cottage cheese, produced in Russia since ancient times. He gets after natural souring milk or when added to fresh milk curdled and heating the mixture in the oven. This is separated from the milk protein in the form of white lumps of whey. Until the 18th century, Russia was called curd cheese, as the cheese in its modern sense are not made. Now curd production conditions are not digested and prepared by adding specific substances, such as calcium chloride to milk. Thus produced calcium-enriched product.

Cheese in its present form began to produce in Russia in the second half of the 19th century. By the beginning of the 20th century food industry produced about 100 types of cheese. In the production of cheese using special bacterial fermentation and yeast, adjusted recipes and technology.

A large variety of milk and dairy products produced by the food industry, allows everyone to choose the one that will appeal to afford.

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