Color therapy: the magic of color

Color therapy: the magic of color
 The world around us is full of color, and this is a priceless gift for each of us. We perceive it with every fiber of the body. It affects our health, mind and relationships with people. Each color has its own physical nature and elektrovolna that affects our subconscious. This miracle can be used purposefully and deliberately.
 Color therapy - a non-drug therapies, which is based on the fact that biologically active zones of the body to respond to any one of the colors. Experts believe that the mechanism of certain diseases due to the fact that the disturbed balance in the body and in colors including color mixing, the lack of a color, which is essential for mental harmony and functioning organs. If you clear color from impurities or refund any missing, you can restore balance in the body. Energy blockade, which is the cause of functional disorders, can be removed by the action of a certain color.

With color healed in India, Persia, Egypt, China. During the excavation of temples in Egypt, scientists have found the room in which the design forced to refract the sun's rays at one time or another color. Egyptian doctors as if bathed in healing the patient flows rays. In ancient China, ill (depending on the disease) prescribed in a room or wear a certain color clothes. At the moment, scientists and psychologists have shown that color affects mood, well-being and performance.

To spend at home, you can use color therapy color filters, which are set in the lamp light therapy. And you can surround yourself things necessary shade. Try thus overcome the headache, the effects of stress, insomnia, bad mood.

When headache can use red. When the tablets are not helping or not at hand, then put a red towel soaked in cold water on your eyes, lie down for a short while and forget about everything. This color helps to improve blood circulation, increases the production of adrenaline and therefore spasm, which causes headache, after some time passes. Experts suggest that even red notebook optimistic tunes, and of course, presented a bouquet of red roses.

If you no longer work please take a look at something blue. Color of the sky we have peace with reality and lowers blood pressure. If you want to stay calm, but calm when all around moaning from Abraham to himself on the desktop picture or turquoise dress with a blue glasses glasses, or simply more likely to result in the order of your screen.

Green spring and cools the negative emotions of life, strengthens the immune system. If you can not come to some decision, fluctuate, how Shtirlits, go into the woods to think among the green foliage of the ways out of this situation or wearing something green. Moreover, this color influences on the performance of the heart well.

Violet is useful in a variety of internal inflammation. He sharpens the senses and vision. If you are alone, it is sufficient to submit iris flowers, and you will feel more happy person. Flash purple help soothe shattered nerves, reduce appetite and remove painful pain in the eyes.

The black color makes it possible to effectively and be more serious. Dressed in clothes of that color, you will be able to isolate themselves from others and evil spoken: why are so fond of his musicians and actors. Black solid color, like black diamond, shining from within, preserves the remains of the internal forces and at the same time draws attention to your personality.

Pink color will help you if you are suffering from an inability to relax. Paint the walls of the bedroom shades of peach and flamingos or purchase bedding and pajamas pink tones. This color is a sense of peace, bliss, comfort and suppresses aggressiveness.

Buy a tangerine or wearing something orange if your mood is at zero. Great is the power of orange: it mobilizes vital energy, bring out of the doldrums and make you do something extremely difficult, will help to normalize hormones and thus cleanse the body and soul.

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