Causes of burrs

Causes of burrs
 Burrs that appear on the fingers, bring a lot of discomfort as they can get sick and inflamed. To get rid of them, you must first determine the cause for which they appeared.  

The main cause of burrs is dry skin and poor elasticity. In this case, the problem lies in the fact that the skin breaks under a high pressure or tension. There is also a factor that provokes the appearance of burrs, include the negative impact of different detergents, improper care for your hands and nails, and the habit of "nibbling" nails.

If we talk about children, as a rule, burrs appear in them because of their increased activity and constant interaction with a variety of objects. In addition, almost every child is trying to bite off any burrs tear, as incredibly annoying kids their appearance. This can cause ingestion of various infections.

Sometimes burrs can occur when, apparently, for this there is no reason. In this case, it is desirable to pay attention to health. First of all, their appearance may indicate that the body lacks vitamins, for example, as a result of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, malnutrition or metabolic disorders. Also the reason may lie in the dehydration, so it's worth the watch whether a sufficient amount of fluid consumed during the day. In such situations, the burrs disappear only after normalization of the body.

Needs proper care of the skin and nails. Thus, after the nail trimming is necessary to process them in any antiseptic agent. In addition there is at least twice a day to apply moisturizer on your hands nourishing cream. Those who have dry or sensitive skin, use a cream worth more. It is useful at bedtime rub in cuticle olive oil. If burrs are still there, they need to gently remove nail scissors and disinfect damaged skin.

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