6 ways to not get fat in the cold

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 In the winter cold, many of us are gaining extra pounds. So you want a frosty evening to sit with a cup of tea with sweets or wrap in a warm blanket, taking with him a delicious hot cakes. But how to make these little weaknesses are not reflected on your figure?

Of all the ways to preserve the figures in the cold season, you can select the most important 6:

1. There are a variety of winter sports and entertainment: skiing, skating, snowboarding, luge, etc. If you select the weekends at least a few hours on the cross-country skiing in the winter woods, you never potolsteet. One hour of skiing burns 400 to 500 calories! Skates are not far behind the skis on the consumption of energy, especially if you are actively moving. Moreover, the more you are in the fresh air, the better you feel. Lost winter laziness and fatigue, the days are bright and cheerful.

2. In winter the need for food increases significantly. The body tries to gain the necessary fat reserves to survive the cold easier. But did you know that hunger can be overcome fluid? Tea, milk, yogurt or juice perfectly satisfy your hunger between regular meals. Dairy products will add to your body of calcium, which is so necessary in cold and juices enrich your vitamins.

3. Try to change the diet. It is better to have small meals 4-5 times a day than great, but 2-3 times. No need to consume a lot of food before bedtime. At night, better stock up pineapple juice, which is perfectly burns fat, or yogurt.

4. It is interesting that during sleep burned more calories than when sitting at the computer or watching television. Winter so often sleepy, that seems about to fall asleep on the go. But since it's so useful, do not need to indulge in a full sleep. If possible, get some sleep for half an hour after work.

5. In order not to miss the cold evenings watching television, using regular chocolate, get a hobby. So you will forget about the desire to eat. There are many hobbies that quickly tighten: knitting, embroidery, sewing, drawing, reading, etc.

6. In the cold season in many homes can be quite chilly. Take advantage of this opportunity, trying to fulfill as many household chores. In a cold environment, the body expends more calories. Wash the floors, clean the dust, get flowers - there are many things to which you previously did not reach his hands. To the mood was good and positive, turn on the music and think that with the end of the cold weather your figure has not changed!

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