5 ways to bring back fresh breath

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 Bright commercials for several years convince the Russians that "fresh breath easier to understand." Undoubtedly, halitosis - bad assistant in establishing close contacts. But manufacturers of chewing gum and mints are evil. Return your breathing natural freshness can not only their products, but also quite accessible means, time-tested and approved by dentists.
 Unpleasant taste and smell him and appear in the mouth after eating quite understandable physiological reasons. The fact that in the human oral cavity is home to various kinds of bacteria. Some of them deal with the breakdown of food and absorption of its residues in proteins. Especially when they are activated human consumption of sugar and dairy products. In the course of business, the bacteria emit sulfur compounds, which are the source of the bad smell.

Simple and undeservedly forgotten way to restore fresh breath is ordinary water. Drinking a cold boiled water, you will not only wash away leftovers from the teeth and gums, but also increase the production of saliva. Saliva contains substances that neutralize bacteria and eliminates odors. Enter for themselves and their families a new rule: after each meal or drink about half a cup glass of clean water.

Another reliable ally in the fight against bad breath will be green tea. It contains polyphenols block the smell of sulfur. Note that the quality of tea. Useful properties has a natural leaf freshly brewed tea without flavorings and additives. You can supplement it with a few mint leaves, which enhance the effect and help eliminate even the smell of garlic.

As breath freshener and vegetables can be used. Particularly those having a fibrous structure, such as cucumber and celery. They also increase the work of the salivary glands and reduces the activity of bacteria. At the end of lunch, put in your mouth a slice of cucumber. Exactly one minute and a half your breath will be much nicer.

Be sure to purchase for your home first aid kit essential tea tree oil. Its antibacterial properties have been known for a long time. But in addition to healing action it has excellent refreshing qualities. On the toothbrush, apply 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. Spend a few times on her tongue and gums, then rinse the mouth with water. However, this method is not suitable for allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating women.

Rinse mouth and can be special tool, composed of essential oils, preservatives, and zinc. It is better to purchase in addition to the toothpaste of the same brand. Part rinse pour into a small sealable bottle and carry with you to the beautician. If necessary, you can always add a few drops into the water and quickly refresh your mouth.

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