Yoga + SPA

Yoga + SPA
 As a result of the combination of two directions - yoga and SPA, received an unusual system of spiritual and physical cleansing the body. A session of yoga, meditation ending, water treatments continue, the impact on the chakras, body wraps and massages. After this exposure the human body undergoes an unprecedented rise of energy.

Yoga - a great way to not only maintain the health of the body but also the spirit. After classes bounces system of internal homeostasis. During meditation - a relaxation and communion with the Supreme Mother. All this, in the end, makes a person free from negative energy and gives cheerfulness.

Procedures SPA, as well contribute to the harmony of body and spirit. Thermal, marine and mineral water SPA allows you to experience close contact with nature.

Not so long ago there was an idea - to combine these two types of effects for mutual gain effects. When all this is happening on the ocean or in the mountains, the feeling is that the soul in direct contact with the higher planes.

Kurotry Yoga + SPA are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of places in Thailand and Indonesia. One of these pearls, Ananda SPA, located in the Indian Himalayas. The air is fabulous, near the ocean and unforgettable nature.

In the resort, combining yoga and SPA, even food special. Visitors never offer all food indiscriminately menu developed taking into account which of the doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha or) prevails in the body. Therefore, meals do not end indigestion. On the contrary, even a hearty meal in itself leaves a light and a burst of energy.

In Russia opens more institutions practicing both yoga and SPA.

SPA activities are aimed at harmonizing the body's internal environment, widely used healing experience of the East and the West, the teaching of Ayurveda.

Before starting the course of completing the procedure, in such institutions, one must consult a qualified physician.

Before you begin procedures SPA, a compulsory session of yoga with meditation mandatory. Direction of yoga, as a rule determined in advance.

National baths, saunas, swimming pools are designed to help the body to relax as much as possible. Contact with water not only cleanses the body, but also fills his old energy.

After water procedures can be carried out thalassotherapy using seafood. The most effective treatments possible - seaweed and sea mud, sea salt baths and washing salt nose.

Wash the nose not only salt but also warm oil. The procedure is not very pleasant, but after that, you can forget about the cold.

Salons SPA + yoga performed in the same hot oil cleansing the chakras. Temperature, of course, such that does not cause burns. Projection enclose chakras, creating the appearance of the tank, which is filled with hot oil. After some time, the oil clean, absorbent cloth. Together with the collected oil from the chakra out the negative energy and the person feels incredible ease.

The next step could be relaxing in the hot tub, or a variety of drums.

SPA procedures are completed, usually a massage. Type of massage can be anyone from relaxing to exotic.

The main idea of ​​this combination is that yoga classes to complete the procedures SPA. In the body of such a sequence is cleaned and filled with energy, as well as its relaxation occurs. People visited such a class, together with SPA procedures, prefers again and again return to them.

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